What Sets Us Apart

We are redefining veterinary care in middle Georgia.

We are a modern practice where high-tech meets high touch. We are breaking conventions by focusing on a more efficient yet individualized experience for all of your pets.

We embrace new technologies and offer advanced veterinary medicine including a state-of-the-art in-house lab with the ability to provide same day results.

We offer the highest quality care at the most reasonable
cost possible.

We believe that all of your pets deserve access to quality health care.

We do not charge an office fee so all money is spent on diagnostics and care. We offer bloodwork specials with a discount if done at the time of annual vaccines.

We provide compassionate care with a preventative approach.

We believe in a better, healthier approach to veterinary medicine. Our goal is to catch illness before it causes irreversible damage.

Our standard care includes yearly preventive blood work with radiographs and urinalysis… just like our doctors do for us. We know that discovering illness early is crucial to having a positive outcome. Having a baseline for comparison also helps catch things before they become a problem.

We offer the convenience you need with the care your pet deserves.

We are a new kind of veterinary practice that leverages technology for an exceptional, comprehensive experience.

Our practice offers the convenience of a drive-thru pharmacy and online prescription requests. We utilize text messaging for communications, patient updates, and reminders.